Roger Ballen in conversation with Robert Cook

Posted on May 7, 2009


Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen in conversation with Robert Cook

Gallery One and Two
May 7 – 29,2009

Over the last 30 years Roger Ballen has developed a unique photographic oeuvre. His strong consistent aesthetic – all the works are square black and white photographs of modest dimensions – and his approach to his subject, the “human condition,” make him an outstanding figure in contemporary photography.

Working in the isolation of rural South Africa Ballen has developed a way to depict human existence as absurd and tragic. His photographic language has its roots in the photo-documentary, seen in the Oorps and Platteland series. These series were dominated by images of the inhabitants of the poor rural
areas of South Africa that Ballen encountered while working as a professional geologist. In the later series, Outland and Shadow Chamber, his evolution towards a style that blends reality and theatre, exploring the physical and the psychological can be seen.

Ballen’s work is striking and controversial. He asks his subjects to “perform” the theatre of their life and blurs the borders between documentary and staged photography. His portraits often occur in run down interiors with wires and graffiti on the wall and his subjects are occupied with strange actions,
often in mute dialogues with animals. Everything in the photographic field is important from the mark on the wall to the facial expression. Ballen focuses on the human as the human animal, showing humans as potentially cruel and violent, as fragile and vulnerable, as tender and caring.

In his most recent series Boarding House, the human is almost absent from the images, leaving instead skins and bones, drawings on the walls and battered stuffed animals. The structures are transient, furnished for basic survival, yet transformed by the drawings and objects into places of dark
imagination. More overtly surrealistic and psychologically driven, the works reinforce his statement that “a shadow runs through my work.”

ST PAUL ST is showing works by Roger Ballen from his early career in the 1980s until the present. Iconic images of all the important groups of works Dorps, 1985, Platteland, 1994, Outland, 2001, Shadow Chamber, 2005 and Boarding House, 2009 will be on display.

The exhibition is curated by Leonhard Emmerling in collaboration with the artist.

1 Robert Cook, Brutal, Tender, Human, Animal: Roger Ballen Photography Art Gallery of Western Australia, 2007. Rober Ballen in conversation with Robert Cook.



Born: 1950, New York City. Resides: Johannesburg, South Africa


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Left to right

Shadow Chamber

 40 x 40 cm Gelatin Silver Prints on Fibre Courtesy Roger Ballen and Stills Gallery, Sydney 

  1. Twirling wires, 2001
  2. Oblivious, 2003
  3. Puppy on table, 2000
  4. Rhythms, 2003
  5. Bitten, 2004
  6. Funeral rites, 2004
  7. Stefanus
  8. Early morning, 2001
  9. Lunchtime, 2001
  10. Rat Cemetery, 2001
  11. Juxtaposed, 2004
  12. Recluse, 2002
  13. Perpetrator, 2003
  14. Ape skull, 2002
  15. Inmate, 2003

Boarding House

50 x 50 cm Digital Prints on Fibre Courtesy Roger Ballen

  1. Upseedaisy, 2008
  2. Culmination, 2007
  3. Revenge, 2008
  4. Skins and bones, 2007
  5. Pathos, 2005
  6. Seed pods, 2008
  7. Boarding house, 2008

Shadow Chamber

40 x 40 cm Gelatin Silver prints on Fibre Courtesy Roger Ballen and Stills Gallery, Sydney

  1. Prison window
  2. Sullen, 2002
  3. Loner, 2001
  4. Crouched,2003
  5. Hungry dog, 2003
  6. Configuration, 2003
  7. Fraught, 2003



From left to right


40 x 40 cm Gelatin Silver Print on Fibre Courtesy Roger Ballen

       1.        Dresie & Cassie, twins, Western Transvaal 1993


40 x 40 cm Gelatin Silver Print on Fibre Courtesy Roger Ballen and Stills Gallery, Sydney

       2.        Bedroom, Nieu-Bethesda, 1985


40 x 40 cm Gelatin Silver Prints on Fibre Courtesy Roger Ballen and Stills Gallery, Sydney

  1. Eugene on the phone, 2000
  2. Rats on kitchen table, 1999
  3. Portrait of sleeping girl, 2000
  4. Michael and Gerrie, 1995
  5. Puppy between feet, 1999
  6. Sickroom, 2000
  7. Factory worker holding portrait of grandfather, 1996
  8. Study of boy and plant, 1999
  9. Les hammering into wall, 2000
  10. Family portrait, 2000
  11. Cat catcher, 1998
  12. Woman, man and dog, 1995

Shadow Chamber

40 x 40 cm Gelatin Silver Prints on Fibre Courtesy Roger Ballen and Stills Gallery, Sydney

  1. Chicken mask, 2002
  2. Room of the Ninja Turtles, 2003
  3. Bentback,2001
  4. Head inside shirt, 2001
  5. Prowling, 2001